It would be an incredible experience, don’t you think? Well, for most of the college graduates at the Duke ceremony, it was an awesome moment. However, there were a few graduates who chose to walk out during the address. Can you believe it? They actually walked out of their own graduation simply because a Jewish comedian was addressing them.

Now, isn’t that ironic? These protesters missed out on a unique opportunity to hear a cool speech from a famous actor who is tired of the left-wing, politically correct nonsense. Jerry Seinfeld is a name that every comedy lover knows and admires. The majority of the students at the Duke graduation ceremony cheered for him. I mean, come on, it’s Seinfeld! This guy is cool. Walking out on that was just silly.

Even if you don’t find him funny, that’s perfectly okay. But let’s have some respect for our college and our fellow graduates. We shouldn’t be selfish and disrupt the graduation just because we don’t like the speaker. Graduation is a celebration for everyone present, not just a small group of protesters.

By walking out, not only did they ruin their own graduation experience, but they also disrupted it for others. And all because they didn’t like the speaker? They worked hard for years to earn their degree, so the least they could do is stick it out for an hour and contribute to making the ceremony special for everyone.

Let’s strive to do better and show respect for others, even when we may not agree with them. It’s important to keep an open mind and appreciate the diverse perspectives and experiences that our speakers bring to the table. After all, it’s in these moments of diversity that we grow and learn as individuals. So, let’s celebrate our accomplishments together and embrace the joyous occasion that graduation brings.