1. He still has feelings for her

They may have ended things, but that doesn’t mean he’s over her. He thinks the breakup was a mistake, possibly made in haste, and he holds onto the belief that they had a good relationship that ended too soon. Over time, these feelings might fade, but for now, he wishes to rekindle what they had.

2. He never wanted to break up

He wasn’t ready to let go. Perhaps the breakup was more her decision than his, and he stays in touch with hopes that she might reconsider and they could give it another shot.

3. He’s unhappy in the present relationship

If he’s unhappy with his current partner, he might look back fondly on his past relationship. He may find comfort in the familiarity of his ex, as it feels easier than putting effort into his current relationship. Unfortunately, this isn’t fair to his current partner, who deserves genuine attention and commitment.

His current unhappiness could be due to:

– Incompatibility: Staying in an incompatible relationship isn’t healthy for anyone involved. It’s important to admit when things aren’t working out.

– Lingering feelings for the ex: If he still loves his ex, it’s crucial to be honest about those feelings. You can’t fully commit to a new relationship while being emotionally attached to someone else.

4. They are friends

Sometimes, relationships don’t destroy the bond of friendship. If they had a strong friendship before dating, they might remain friends even after breaking up. However, this can always raise the possibility of them getting back together, especially if their romantic relationship wasn’t particularly bitter or tumultuous.

5. He constantly needs to know what she is up to

Old habits die hard, especially if they were highly competitive as a couple. He might still feel the need to keep tabs on her life, comparing jobs, salaries, and other achievements. This toxic competitive streak might keep them connected, even if it’s not healthy.

6. He wants to torment her

Unfortunately, not everyone is kind-hearted. He may be someone who enjoys causing his ex distress. He might pretend to have moved on while still contacting her to throw her off balance.

There are two main ways this can happen:

– Playing with her feelings: If he knows she still has feelings for him, he might give her false hope and then take it away, enjoying the control he has over her emotions.

– Annoying her: If she wants nothing to do with him, he might still find ways to pester her just for the sake of it. This unnecessary nuisance indicates his mean streak and need for attention.