How To Treat A Woman – Top 16 Best Ways To Keep Her

Marketers of all mediums never resist the chance to use the holiday season as an excuse to treat the woman you love like a queen.

Luxury goods and services of all makes and purposes are promoted as the optimal sign of devotion, but the mark is woefully missed in that regard.

After all, love is a year-round act of devotion, and no occasion is too small or insignificant not to show the woman in your life just how much you respect, admire, and simply adore her.

No two women are alike, and despite all media and consumer claims, only you can truly know the way to her heart. Why not treasure the honor? In an age where women still struggle to have their voices heard, minds and bodies valued, and equal needs met, no one but you can prove that such a thing is not only possible, but well deserved.

The love of a woman is truly incomparable, and what you give will surely be returned tenfold. Understanding what makes your goddess tick may not be an immediately easy feat, but once you earn the key to her heart and trust you’ll be the luckiest man alive. Women were born to worship the men they love, but never forget that it works both ways. To be fully cherished, happiness is meant to be shared.

Every season is the time to show the lady in your life what she means to you, through travel, adventure, sensuality, intellectual and creative pursuits, and simple everyday pampering.

Best of all, treating her well can be a shared pleasure, and one worth savoring all year long, if not forever. Discover below how to treat a woman with the top 20 best ways to keep her around.

1. Give her direction.

But don’t control her; you don’t own her. When it comes to deciding on where to eat or what activity to do, don’t second guess yourself over and over. If she wants to be indecisive fine, but you as a man must always be sure of both your words and actions. Lead with confidence, not constant self-doubt.

When entering a restaurant, allow her to enter first. Give her a gentle push from the back and guide her to the door. When ordering food, always let her order first! Before chowing down, you must wait for her food to arrive. A woman always eats first.

2. Treat her like a gentleman.

Have manners when out in public. In private can be a different story. At home, things like elbows on the dinner table don’t matter much at all. Be chivalrous and open the car door for her. Pull her seat out and push it back in when sitting down at a dinner table. Walk on the outer side of the sidewalk when walking down the street with her.

While those things sound incredibly simple, they are super easy to forget!

3. Avoid losing your temper around her.

Be patient with her. Arguments happen and many say they are simply a part of relationship building. A gentleman must control his temper and refrain from acting like a child. You must be able to handle your emotions, though, that’s not to say you can’t express more emotional ones. Deep insults and adult temper tantrums are unacceptable.

When dealing with stress, it’s one thing to confide in a woman, it’s another to make your problems their problems. Don’t make her stressed simply because you’re stressed.

4. Be her man, not her doormat.

Be willing to say no.

Show her the same level of respect back. When she says, no, you respect her opinion and decision. When you say no, you should give her the opportunity to also respect your decisions and opinions back.

When it comes to new women in your life, don’t instantly make them a priority. Give yourself time to invite them slowly into your life. Don’t demand her to jump right into your life and spend as much time with you as you want.

5. Surprise and challenge her.

Keep her guessing what’s next. The best relationship is like a roller coaster. Sure it has its ups and downs but there are a lot of unexpected twists and turns that make the ride fun.

Take her to new places, try new things together, and don’t be afraid to be adventurous in the bedroom. Regardless of how awkward or awesome your end experiences are, accepting risk together leads to more trust in each other. Even the small moments matter.

Gifts such as flowers, cards, tickets/trips, and so on when done randomly work wonders. Give them when they are most unexpected. Valentines, birthdays and holidays aren’t surprises, they are literally already scheduled.

Don’t overdo it!

Even after you’ve got a girlfriend or wife, continue to entertain her. Tell her random jokes, play hard to get from time to time, and keep things interesting. For instance, when she’s putting on makeup in the morning: Walk in unannounced, wrap your arms around her body while behind her, and put your chin on the top of her head. Wait there while she just melts away inside.

When it comes to teasing her, just remember that it’s one thing to be a jerk and humiliate her in public. It’s another to casually embarrass each other while you jokingly laugh it off. Know the boundaries and respect them.

6. Compliment her wisely.

Your compliments will only go so far until they are just common phrases. Use them sparingly and at the right moments. For one, you’ll be less clingy and two, every time you dish out a compliment it will have some meaningfulness behind it.

Remember to show her some appreciation for what she does.

7. Consider her needs for a moment.

Believe it or not, but leaving the toilet seat up can be enough to infuriate some women to the point of insanity. In fact, there are numerous cases of those events being the reason for divorce! Though, I’m sure it was more or less a combination of things.

The point is, take a moment from time to time to get a better idea of what you can do to better the relationship. Perhaps you are doing something that irritates her, but it is so small that you don’t realize it at first. As men, we often view things like leaving a toilet seat up so simple, worry-free and incredibly idiotic to even complain over, but guess what, women notice, and some really do care!

This can extend to other examples including shaving your groin area, going from boxers to briefs, helping bring in the groceries, taking out the trash, no longer throwing clothes on the floor, putting dirty dishes in the sink and not on the countertop, replacing the empty toilet paper roll, etc. All without being asked to change! Sometimes you may have to mention these things in order to discover if their problem or not. Talking is key.

8. Protect her.

Don’t be a wimp! Stand up for her when it’s the right thing to do. Never should you allow others to put her down when it’s unjustified. However, that doesn’t mean you should be a macho man that goes around picking fights over anything and everything you don’t agree with. Not every woman is an angel.

When you don’t agree with her and you know she’s dead wrong, hold off until you are in private to later discuss. Never expose her out in public and then go sit down.

9. Have goals and invite her to be a part of them.

The same can be said of your hobbies. While she might not enjoy all of your interests, goals, and hobbies, there’s a good chance that some of them will keep the relationship interesting and fun. Learning a new skill together as a couple can be a rewarding experience. In another light, encourage her to aim for her own goals. Be supportive no matter how difficult the end dream may be. Be her number one fan. Push her to be passionate, and take joy in the excitement in her eyes.

When it comes to your own goals, you must be able to provide for her. Give more than you take. Don’t be a lazy bum that expects to be waited on hand and foot while bringing absolutely nothing to the relationship.

10. Listen but don’t over talk her.

Especially when you first start seeing each other. Conversations should be fun and playful, not boring and dull as you dish out your entire life’s story at once. Light conversation and being an excellent listener is all that is required.

While in a relationship, you’re certain to find yourself listening to a woman that talks about anything and everything for what seems like hours on end. While it’s not always enjoyable, pay attention long enough to ensure you are showing a genuine interest. Give her the chance to seek your guidance when it comes to problems, or relieve stress by getting things off of her chest. Eventually, you’ll build more trust as she shares more personal stories, thoughts, etc. with you.

During conversations, pick up on certain words and phrases and repeat them back. It’s a great way to show that you are actually listening and paying attention.

11. Be physical.

I’m not talking about hitting a woman, I’m talking about touching a woman. You can often communicate more through touch than you can through words. Touch shows a level of alpha-ness and courage, but you must take into consideration her comfort level. In reality, women want to be seduced, though society would say that seduction is of bad character. It all goes back to the giving direction bit I mentioned above, you got to take note of her signals and lead.

Remember, touch is incredibly memorable over the course of a relationship.

12. Respect her parents too.

Use your manners; convey a level of respect with the way you speak. Never talk negatively about her parents in private, even during times where she’s angry or hates them. She can say whatever she wants about them, you can’t!

13. Keep your word.

If you say you’re going met her somewhere at five o’clock, then be there at five o’clock. I don’t care if you have diarrhea or aren’t feeling well. The only reason you should ever not show up after giving your word is if you are either dead or in a coma!

The only thing worse than being late is not showing up at all. Communication is key when factors outside of your control get in the way.

14. Put your phone down.

When talking to her, give her your full, undivided attention. Texting and talking on your phone should be reserved for your private time, not your share time together! One of the worst things a man can be is to pull out his phone during a nice dinner out and completely ignore his girlfriend or date. It’s incredibly rude.

15. Don’t shame her for the mistakes she makes.

Avoid holding a grudge or belittling her. We all make mistakes in life; there’s no reason to ridicule someone for making them over and over again. You must know how to forgive and forget and be able to do it with sincerity.

In the opposite regard, when you make mistakes own up to them. While lying and hiding are often easier, the truth eventually catches up. Being honest will give you a chance to grow, change and improve for the better.

Understand that any kind of ridicule when done in public, is often ten times worse and ten times more memorable.

16. Don’t talk about your ex negatively in front of her.

Women notice how you talk about your ex, and that last thing they want is to be talked of in the same manner. If you’re willing to talk so negatively about your ex, then what’s to say you won’t talk negatively about her should she ever become your future ex?

Don’t do it! Show some respect for every woman you date, including the ones you absolutely despise. Certainly, there are a few positives or opportunities to improve on that you have discovered from almost every relationship you have ever been in. In reality, relationships are great opportunities to grow as better men and learn from our past. We certainly learn a lot about ourselves in the process.


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