Have you heard the name Hang Mioku? She was an ordinary girl that used to dream of conquering the world alongside successful models and singers. But nowadays, she is likely more known to the public after making a big mistake, which caused irreversible harm to her face, after she was hurt.

We live in a world that pays attention to appearance, whether we like it or not. The ideals of beauty have become more extreme throughout the years. Some, if not most, beauty concepts can have many adverse effects, especially for young people.

Most people usually care about how they look and wear a lot of makeup. But unfortunately, Hang Mioku took it too far. One can say that she’s a tragic example of falling into plastic surgery obsession.

But we must go back to her early years in life to understand how she ended up in this situation where so many pictures of her are viral and spread around the world like wildfire.

Hang was born in South Korea on 8 July 1963. There isn’t much information about her childhood, but we do know that she didn’t want to study at university, looking instead for a career in the entertainment industry.

In the 80s, Hang already had a modeling career and could be seen in advertising campaigns. She also worked as a singer, but her focus was on her looks; but considering her modeling career, she paid more attention to her appearance.

Plastic Surgery Capital

In older photos, Hang appears to be a gorgeous young woman with long dark hair, stunning dark eyes, and an irresistible smile. However, she wasn’t happy with how she looked and had her first surgery at the age of 28. That was the moment when it became addictive to her, and she began to have more and more surgery.

Her first procedure was performed in South Korea, which has the world’s highest rate of cosmetic surgery. Seoul’s capital is known as the “plastic surgery capital of the world.” There are 500 aesthetic centers in Seoul’s Gangnam neighborhood alone.

Hang was affected by the” boom” in plastic surgery in South Korea since she grew up in a highly competitive society, and people from Seoul are pushed closely together. One of the reasons plastic surgery has grown so popular in the country is that people constantly compare themselves to one another.

On the other hand, Hang moved to Japan following her initial surgery in Korea. She kept laying the knife down, but troubles began to happen in the meantime.

Several of the treatments on her face failed miserably, resulting in a drastic change in her appearance. When she returned home to see her parents, they hadn’t recognized who she was. Hang’s parents sensed something was seriously wrong and rushed her to the hospital, where she got the help that she needed.

She most likely struggled with mental illness and had treatment but was forced to stop when the family couldn’t afford it. Instead, she returned to the operating room for further cosmetic surgery.

Hang wanted to do even more cosmetic surgery despite her skin and face being a disaster. On the other hand, she had difficulty finding a plastic surgeon who would take her on because most doctors could tell she wasn’t feeling well. However, she soon found someone who gave her a bottle of black market silicone and was told by the “doctor” that she could inject the silicone herself, which she did, with terrifying results.

Hang didn’t stop there with her home-cooked experience. She realized she could use cooking oil on her face when she ran out of silicone and money, a huge mistake. Once the oil was injected, Hang was wholly unrecognizable and had destroyed her face.



Hang sought medical care after getting more and more attention. She received many donations and was able to pay for some necessary surgeries finally. As a result, doctors removed 60 grams from her face and 200 grams from her neck in 2008.

However, Hang still has scars, and she still is seriously disfigured despite ten surgeries. According to the Daily Mail, her current job is at The Beautiful Shop, a recycled apparel business.

Hang hasn’t been in the news in a long time, and it’s challenging to find out how she’s doing or how she’s feeling right now. She hasn’t used social media in a long time.

We still feel sorry for her, even though she did this to herself. It’s an inside struggle, like for people who binge, hunger, cut, or use drugs. One can only see the outcomes.

We hope Hang is feeling much better today!