Michael J. Fox is a model of a family man behind closed doors, in addition to having a great career in the entertainment world.

He and his loving wife, Tracy Pollan, have four children who are now adults, so the couple has had their hands full.

Michael was already a father of one when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at the age of 29, but they went on to have three more children, and their love for their father is inspiring. Michael was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease when he was 29 years old.

The pair have been married since 1988 and has four children: Esme, who is 20 years old, the twins Aquinnah and Schuyler, who are 27 years old, and Sam, who is 33 years old.

Unlike their father, they all want to avoid the spotlight whenever possible. Their eldest sibling is the only one with a public Instagram account.

Michael’s lookalike, who also happens to be the singer’s only son, updates his followers on his family life and posts photos of Michael himself.

Michael’s eldest kid, Sam, is a mirror image of his father.

On his father’s birthday, Sam never fails to show his support for him and lavish him with love and sweet words.

Although little is known about Michael’s twins, they have taken part in a number of public engagements alongside their father in order to raise awareness of Parkinson’s disease and show a united front.

On the occasion of their most recent birthday, the Back to the Future star honored them with a wonderful gesture.

“Twice the love, a hundred times the laughs,” he captioned one of his Instagram images. “I’d want to wish my wonderful children a very happy birthday today.” “I admire you.”

Michael takes enormous delight in being a dad, and the Michaels are an incredibly close-knit family.

Their youngest kid went for college in 2019, leaving the parents officially empty-nesters; but, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, they all had to relocate to Long Island to be under the same roof.

In an interview in the year 2020, he stated, “We were typically linger-after-dinner sorts anyhow, and now we were lingering and discussing about what people were going through.”

“Putting puzzles together, watching Tracy cook up a storm in the kitchen, and spending time with everyone else there, including these great children and this wonderful mother.” It’s difficult for me to accept that this is my life.”

Although Michael clearly adores his family, he just informed them that his beloved mother, Phyllis Fox, had died at the age of 92. Everyone in his family suffered a significant loss as a result of this.

The discovery comes during his continuing battle with his condition. Michael has committed his life to the hunt for a cure since learning he had cancer, and he has gathered more than one billion dollars in donations to assist this endeavor over the years.