After Lisa Marie Presley passed away, further details about her tragic final moments have come to light.

Elvis Presley’s daughter, 54, suffered two heart attacks, was admitted to the hospital, and died abruptly on Thursday.

When she was discovered unresponsive at her Calabasas home on Thursday, emergency personnel administered CPR and attempted to revive her. They took Lisa Marie to the hospital after reestablishing her pulse.

As the singer was placed in an induced coma and on life support, her relatives rushed to her side.

However, after being admitted to the hospital, her heart stopped again, according to a TMZ report. Her family instructed the doctors not to revive her because she had previously been certified as “brain dead” after being treated.

According to the source, “family members signed a DNR [do not resuscitate] order in case she flatlined again.”

According to reports, Lisa Marie Presley died immediately after her second cardiac attack.

Lisa Marie Presley was surrounded by booze, prescription pills, and illegal substances for years before her sad demise.

Radar Online captured a picture of her “drug den.”

Her entire life, the only child of Elvis and Priscilla Presley suffered from addiction and was candid about combining vodka, sedatives, cocaine, and marijuana.

The celebrity made a few attempts to quit using drugs but gave up after divorcing Michael Lockwood, who had used proof of her drug usage against her in court.

The photos were shot in 2016, depicting the inside of Lisa Marie’s bedroom, where she would lock herself up for days while on self-destructive binges.

There were numerous pill bottles strewn about, a quantity of white powder, and nearby snorting supplies such as a plastic card and a split straw.

The prescription container labels also said they came from several pharmacies in various towns and states. A sack on the ground contained 29 bottles, some of which were filled, and others were empty.

On the messy cabinet next to the bathroom sink, there was also a dish of junk food, an open bottle of tequila, and baby wipes.

Michael reported that his ex-wife used to hide in a locked room full of food, rubbish, and illegal drugs. He went so far as to claim that she had taken up to 80 opioids at once and that she had taken so many drugs that she would be awake for days on end.

Her relatives and friends were concerned that she was just one fix away from a tragic overdose.

On the other hand, Lisa Marie Presley died not long after the photographs were taken.