Flower girl dances for the crowd then the song changes and they all burst into laughter

We probably will experience many momentous events in our life but one of the biggest that we will have to remember is our wedding day. More than likely, you have prepared for months if not years for the big day and when it finally arrives, you want to make sure that everything is as perfect as possible. Planning your own wedding is always important but if you have been asked to help plan the big day for somebody else, it may be just as important to you. That is seen when some young girls are asked to be a flower girl at a very early age. It seems as if they understand the responsibility of carrying flowers and it gives them the opportunity to feel like a princess.

Some girls take on the role of flower girls naturally, even if they are very young. Others may not quite be up to the task. It may have to do with the pressure of walking down the aisle, which is enough to get anyone a little jittery. If they can make it through that moment, they then can look forward to the reception where they can let off some steam. The little girl in this video seems to be doing just that when she hits the dance floor. She enjoyed herself immensely but everyone who was looking on got a show they will never forget.

Baby by Justin Bieber was the first song that was selected. She seemed to be in the mood to dance on her own and when a grown-up tried to join her on the floor, she moved out of the way and took control again. It just seemed as if she wanted to have the floor all to herself.

The guests were having a lot of fun and she was working her way across the dance floor. It wasn’t long before things took a turn for the better.

The DJ turned on a different song and as Baby faded out, Gangnam Style was the new song of choice. It seems as if it was what the little girl had been waiting for her entire life.

There are some people who are enthusiastic when they dance but it seemed as if this little girl just couldn’t get enough of it. Her satin bow even came off in the middle of the dance and she didn’t miss a beat.

When the song came on and she realized it was time to dance, she knew that there was nothing that was going to stop her. Everybody was having a great time and, course, they were taking lots of videos.

She was doing spins and jumps as everyone was cheering her on. It seems as if she wanted to let them know her special dance moves and she accomplished it perfectly.

I don’t know what she will be like when she is a teenager but I bet mom and dad will have a hard time keeping her from the dance floor.

You can see the little girl dancing in this video:


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