Fed-up judge decides to give animal abusers a taste of their own medicine

It takes a certain kind of twisted thinking to abuse helpless animals and feel no remorse for it.

Unfortunately, animal abuse laws aren’t very strict around the world, and often, perpetrators get off with almost no punishment, or sometimes, none at all.

Michael Cicconetti is a judge from Ohio who is very aware of this problem, and, being an animal lover himself, he hates seeing animal abuse offenders get off without suitable punishment.

So, he’s started handing out creative punishments that are proportional to the crimes committed, and it’s fantastic.

Once, when a woman had her dog living in filthy, disgusting conditions, Cicconetti ordered her to go to the landfill at the county dump and sit in the most vomit-inducing area with the smelliest stench for a whole eight hours.

In another instance, someone abandoned a whopping 35 kittens in the middle of the woods.

The perpetrator was sentenced to minor jail time and a fine, and Cicconetti also decided that they should spend one night in the woods alone, listening to the raccoons and coyotes.

As far as Cicconetti is concerned, these punishments are far from cruel, but they do give the offenders something to think about and show them the discomfort that their actions have caused.

The attention that his punishments are getting also helps promote animal welfare. He even hopes to see an animal abuse registry formed one day.

Clearly, he’s the hero we all need!


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