Dog misses mom so he calls her at work leaving the internet dying with laughter

When we have a dog in our life we realize that they mean more to us than some of the human members of our family at times. After all, they offer us unconditional love and there is nothing like having a friendly dog by your side. When you have a difficult day, they are there waiting for you when you come in through the door and when you are happy, you can share that joy with them. Perhaps this is best illustrated with a pooch named Stanley, who is obviously a mama’s boy.

Stanley would have liked mom to stay home from work that day but she wouldn’t call in sick. Dad was home but there was nothing like mom in his mind. The father was taking a nap and Stanley snuck into the kitchen to make a phone call. He wanted to quietly talk to his mother but his dad managed to come in and record everything.

Hello, said Jennifer.


“Stanley?” Dad prompts

“What’s up, Stanley?” Mom calls out.

Stanley didn’t have a clue what to say. I’m sure that he had prepared something but he just couldn’t manage to say it.

“Stanley, I love you!”

You know that there was something he wanted to say but it seemed to be elusive. Perhaps it was because he was feeling all of the emotion.

“If you loved me, you would not have left me!”

Mom is trying to make him feel better but at this point, he is inconsolable. He won’t let her finish but he jumps in with the conversation and you know mom has to be both laughing and crying.

“Is that all you’re going to say?”

Stanley was doing his best to let her know that she needed to come home. They continue their banter back and forth current with mom trying to get him from his obvious bad mood. Stanley just continues to get upset when she finally calls out: “bye-bye! Be a good boy!”

Stanley sees this as his opportunity to exit the room

Stanley may just not like long goodbyes but if you can’t get enough, you can see more in this video:


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