A recent TikTok video went viral when a concerned mother from Georgia warned parents about a dangerous trend among teenagers – getting high on nutmeg. Yes, you read it right, the spice that you have in your kitchen cupboard.

In her video, the mother explains that nutmeg contains a chemical compound called myristicin, which can have hallucinogenic effects when consumed in large quantities. This dangerous practice is known as “nutmeg intoxication.”

The mother’s video was prompted by a conversation she had with a teacher friend who found students carrying small bottles of nutmeg during a backpack check. The students claimed that it was for a culinary class, but their story was quickly debunked by the culinary instructor.

The school’s resource officer overheard the conversation and confiscated the nutmeg, resulting in the students’ suspension. In her video, the mother playfully scolds the students for their creativity in finding ways to get high while neglecting their homework.

This TikTok video has sparked a conversation among parents, with many expressing their concern about this dangerous trend. Some parents mentioned that nutmeg sniffing has been around for years and can lead to a terrible hangover and short-lived high. Others reminisced about nutmeg being popular when they were teenagers.

It’s crucial to note that nutmeg intoxication can have serious consequences. Consuming large amounts of nutmeg can be hazardous and potentially fatal. Therefore, parents and caregivers are advised to be vigilant for any unusual behavior or signs that their teenagers may be experimenting with nutmeg.

While nutmeg is a commonly used spice in various culinary creations, its misuse as a drug is not a new phenomenon. Historically, nutmeg seeds were used for medicinal purposes, including as a narcotic. Even today, nutmeg is still used in traditional medicine for treating various conditions.

Let’s spread the word about this concerning trend and keep our spices under lock and key. The safety and well-being of our teenagers are of utmost importance.

Have you ever heard of nutmeg being used as a drug? Let us know your thoughts and help us raise awareness about this issue.