Cat rescued after getting trapped in car engine — now she’s looking for a home

Sometimes animals get themselves into some really tricky situations, and it takes some kindhearted humans to save the day.

That was the case for one poor cat who got stuck in the most unexpected place — and while it wouldn’t be easy, a team of rescuers stopped at nothing to save this cat and give her a second chance at life.

On December 11, the Arizona Humane Society got an urgent call about a Maine Coon who had become stuck inside a car engine in Phoenix.


The cat was terrified and crying in pain, and even for an animal rescue group it was clear this would be no ordinary job.

“I have never had a rescue more complicated, I’ve never had one more intense,” AHS Field Operations Supervisor Ruthie Jesus recalled in a video. “I have never had a moment of fear and panic quite that strong.”

Making things more complicated was the fact that the cat’s abdomen flesh was trapped between two metal plates. After trying to reassure the cat that help was on the way, Ruthie called for backup, and one of her colleagues was able to perform a surgery on the scene to free her.


The cat wasn’t out of the woods yet: x-rays revealed she had ingested a fuel injection plug from the vehicle, as well as some wires. Veterinarians performed three surgeries to remove the car parts from her stomach.

It was a long ordeal for this poor animal, but she has now gotten better — much to the relief of her rescuers.

“I think after the rescue was complete and I knew the kitty was going to be safe, her life was safe, I found myself very emotional,” Ruthie said.

Since it was around Christmas, the cat became known as Cindy Lou Who, after the character from How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Now fully healed and free from the vehicle, it’s time for Cindy Lou’s next adventure — finding her forever home.

The cat is now up for adoption. The AHS is looking for a perfect home for Cindy, and ask that interested adopters meet with her first.

“Those interested in adopting Cindy Lou Who are encouraged to visit to schedule an appointment to meet her,” the AHS said in a statement to People Magazine.

“She is rather shy and will take some time to warm up after what she has been through, but will be a wonderful addition to any family.”


Thank you to everyone who helped save Cindy Lou Who. It was no easy task, but we’re so glad this cat is safe now.

Hopefully she is able to find a great home soon! Help spread the word by sharing this story!


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