Cannabis fields in New Brunswick, Canada, have had their fair share of unwanted visitors, including rodents and bugs. These intruders not only eat the produce but can also spread diseases. However, one unexpected encounter with a little mouse turned out to be quite amusing. The mouse was found lying on its back, seemingly “stoned” and completely passed out among the plants.

Colin Sullivan, the owner of the field, noticed the tiny rodent stealing leaves from his plants for two consecutive days. He managed to capture some hilarious pictures of the mouse nibbling on its mini “harvest” before succumbing to the effects of the cannabis. Sullivan placed the mouse in a cage to help it “detox” and regain its senses. Remarkably, after six days, the mouse was back on its feet and ran back into the wild.

Sullivan couldn’t resist sharing this funny experience on Facebook. He humorously wrote, “For two days in a row, I’ve caught this little pothead munching on my plants until he passes out. He’s missing an ear, so it might be self-medication for his PTSD, but I still think it’s time for an intervention. I’ll let him sleep it off for now, but when he wakes up, he’s getting a real stern talking to.”

A few days later, Sullivan updated his followers on Facebook, showing the mouse still in its Perspex cage. He said, “Our little baked buddy has experienced a couple of rough days, enduring a belly ache and severe munchies. However, I believe he’ll make a full recovery. We’ve gradually weaned him down to one medium-sized leaf per day, and he seems to be adjusting well. One day at a time, my friend, one day at a time.”

After three more days, Sullivan released the mouse from its “rehab” and shared the good news of its sobriety with his followers. He even included some puns in his announcement, such as “On The Rodent To Redemption” and “Weed all benefit from joining together to help the smoke clear in any addict’s life.” The post went viral, receiving hundreds of thousands of shares, comments, and appreciative laughs.

Sullivan himself understands the journey of addiction and sobriety. In one of his posts, he expressed gratitude for his wife, Robyn Sullivan, who played a significant role in his sobriety. Many comments on his post praised his dedication and shared personal stories of recovery.

Regarding the legal status of cannabis in New Brunswick, Canada, it has been legal since 2018. However, each province and territory has its own regulations. In New Brunswick, individuals must be at least 19 years old to consume cannabis, and it can only be purchased from licensed retailers. The maximum amount one can possess at a time is 30 grams, and consumption in public or while driving is prohibited. Landlords have the authority to restrict smoking or growing cannabis, but if they allow tobacco smoking, they cannot prohibit cannabis smoking.

The government of New Brunswick emphasizes the importance of public health education and awareness in relation to cannabis use. They aim to create a culture that promotes responsible and safe consumption, while also recognizing the economic opportunities the cannabis industry offers.

In conclusion, the comical encounter between the cannabis field and the “stoned” mouse captured the attention of many. It brought a moment of laughter and appreciation, highlighting the sometimes unexpected and amusing interactions that can occur in our world.