Barron Trump’s parents have kept his upbringing quiet, and he doesn’t make many public appearances, but we do know that he started school in West Palm Beach, Florida. According to sources, Barron Trump is picking up niceness teachings.

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Barron is from a wealthy family, but his mother, Melania Trump, was highly active in his upbringing and did not employ a traditional nanny. Barron needed to know that his parents were supporting him throughout his life, so Melania and Trump decided to get involved in his upbringing and education. Malania always encouraged him, especially when he tried out his artistic abilities by painting on the walls.

She gives him freedom, and if he draws on the walls, Melania would repaint them, according to her, who claimed that this helps his imagination flourish. Donald Trump worked a lot, but he made sure to spend time with his kid. As a result, Barron was very close to his mother.

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Barron attended elite schools for his education, and after graduating from high school, he’ll definitely enroll in a prestigious university. Melania and Barron moved live with Donald Trump at the White House following their graduation from the prestigious Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School in New York City.

Oxbridge Academy

Barron started attending St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Potomac, Maryland after relocating to the White House. After Donald Trump’s presidency ended, Melania started looking for a new school in Florida and settled on the $ 34,800 yearly tuition-paying private Oxbridge Academy.

It seems that the school has a basketball court, a swimming pool, a golf course and much more.

After school started, people were interested in finding out how Barron was doing. It seems that there are courses that teach children to be kind, for example Barron will teach you how to be a good friend. The school also teaches children how to truly pay attention to what other people are saying.

Barron’s life was kept as private as possible, and during Trump’s presidency he was seen more when his family moved to different places. Melania always took care of Barron’s public statements.

Recently there was a picture of Barron with his mother, where it can be seen that he has grown a lot lately.

One funny thing is that Barron is the tallest member of the family, having 6-foot-7.

Barron is a very lucky child who has the chance to receive a very good education and is supported by his parents in order to get what he wants. Let’s hope that in the future Barron will make the best decisions and become a wonderful man!