A newborn from Sydney, Australia named Alexis Bartlett was born with a hairy head.

An ultrasound X-ray revealed that babies have hair just a few weeks after conception, despite the fact that it typically takes infants a year or two to acquire their hair accessory.

Now, 6 months after giving birth, little Alexis already has long shoulder-length hair. Her parents had begun to worry when they saw the ultrasound, she seemed to have hair on her forehead, back, and buttocks.

The little girl’s mother says that the little girl looks like her because she was also born with rich hair. The irony is that the young mother is a professional barber. The rich-haired baby wreaked havoc on the beach, winning hordes of admirers.

Some infants may not have lush locks on their heads for months or even years. For young infant Alexis, her hair was visible even in the womb.

Alexis Bartlett, an adorable six-month-old baby, has so much hair that, despite having seen signs in an ultrasound, her Sydney parents were in shock at her birth.

We were initially both astonished to see that she had hair on her forehead, her back, and her butt in addition to her hairy scalp.

“The ultrasound even revealed that she would be hairy, which was a definite sign she would be emulating me in some respects.

“I was born with hair, and to prove to others where she got it from, I even combined two pictures of us as hairy infants.

The irony that Alexis has so much hair is that her 32-year-old mother, Nicola Bartlett, works as a hairdresser.

When out and about with her family in Sydney’s sunshine, Alexis has been able to show off her gorgeous brown hair, winning her throngs of compliments.

Alexis, who is only six months old, already has hair that reaches her shoulders.

Adrian, who has a business selling fire extinguishers, remarked that it was amusing that Nicola, a hairdresser, gave birth to a child with so much hair.

Although her great-grandfather despises all the hair ties and clips, he will eventually get over it because everyone in the family adores her.

We are always being stopped by strangers everywhere we go, so much so that we couldn’t fathom having a baby that was bald.

“Shopping always takes a little longer and dinners out always get interrupted by everyone sitting nearby.

Personally, I think her hair is gorgeous and adds so much character. Since we reside in Sydney and the season is presently summer, we frequently take Alexis swimming outside.

Everyone predicted that her hair would fall out after six months, but it has just grown longer. She may soon need a haircut, so Nicola will need to check her calendar for any available times.