Prince William and Princess Kate visited east London’s Olympic Park on Thursday. The Prince of Wales showed off a talent there that had never been seen before.

The 18-year-old apprentice Gabrielle Reid persuaded the monarch to wear boxing gloves and engage in a sparring match with a punching bag. She continued by giving an insider’s account of the royal’s boxing prowess.

The princess, who is 40 years old: “I taught him the basics, including the one-two and the jab. He wasn’t even all that bad! He found it simple to comprehend.” Additionally, some defensive techniques like slides and rolls were used.

We can conclude that William had previously engaged in boxing because he confessed to Gabrielle, “I could never get the hang of how to slide.”

The father of three then boxed with another contestant, who noticed how proficiently William boxed and gave a hint as to why William was so at ease in the ring. After the conversation, “He told me he had done a bit before.” “He had a number of skills.”

We were informed by a spectator that “He’s got a minor knuckle injury, so he wouldn’t be picking it up anytime soon,” which explains why William’s boxing skills have never been made known to us.

Prince William is well known for having a keen interest in football, and while he was there, he even took part in a small portion of the match.

At a little inflatable goal where the goal was to score points by successfully hitting a number of predetermined targets, the future king committed fouls. He asked in jokingly, “Is it good enough to just get it in there?”

Because of a knuckle issue, Prince William is currently unable to box.

Kate and William were present at the Coach Core sports charity’s ten-year anniversary party. During the occasion, William said the following:

“Sport has a remarkable way of offering opportunity, connection, and optimism. In order to leverage such capacity to improve the lives of young people, Coach Core was created prior to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.”