Antifa Protestors Attack Elderly Veteran, But They Didn’t Expect Him To Be Armed

In Salem, Oregon, protestors were caught attacking a Trump supporter. After they used pepper spray on the elderly veteran at a rally in the state’s capital, they began to spray paint his truck and vandalize the vehicle.

However, the Trump supporter wearing an American flag sweatshirt pulled a firearm on the protestors and brandished it to scare the protestors as he shouted, “Get away from me!”

Police immediately apprehended the armed Trump supporter, throwing him face down to the ground and handcuffing him behind his back. Because he threatened the lives of the anti-fascists, he could face charges of attempted murder if prosecutors deem there is enough evidence to charge him with it.

In the aftermath of the showdown, the Trump supporter was seen rubbing his eyes as police arrested him. This led some to believe that he was sprayed with pepper spray during the altercation with the Antifa protestors. Around the scene, shattered plastic from the man’s vehicle’s broken taillight was seen scattered across the Salem, Oregon roadway.

The protesters were laughing as the police hauled the Trump supporter away after arresting him for pulling the gun on the unarmed crowd. At one point, a protestor shouts, “F*** the Proud Boys,” indicating that the man with the American-flag sweatshirt might be involved with the hate group.

Police have still investigated the incident and have not yet charged the Trump supporter. However, this incident was just one of many tense fights between leftist and right-wing protestors gathered at the Oregon State Capitol grounds.

A report from The Statesman Journal indicates that the left-wing Antifa protestors were peacefully gathered near the Statehouse before a caravan of Trump supporters drove into the Oregon capital.

The Trump supporters were arriving to attend a so-called “Freedom” rally that was designed to draw out those who have served in the United States military. However, the event was largely used to spread white supremacy and misinformation.

According to reports, at least three people were arrested during the tense protest in Salem. Those who were arrested included 34-year-old Andrew Alan Foy, who faces charges of second-degree disorderly conduct as well as second-degree criminal trespass. Thirty-three-year-old Nathan McFarland was also arrested on charges of second-degree disorderly conduct. Eighteen-year-old Anthony Villaneda was charged with five counts of pointing a laser pointer.

Salem police were prepared to counter the Trump protestors who arrived at the rally “heavily armed” and dangerous. Police feared for their safety and urged people to leave due to “ongoing reports of criminal activity.” After Court Street was closed, police announced via a loudspeaker that they would need to begin use of “impact weapons, munitions and tear gas” on the Trump supporters and Antifa protestors if the crowd of 150-200 people did not immediately disperse.

“The risk of violence has increased as the opposing protestors are expected to arrive in large numbers,” Salem officials tweeted. “We have received reports that vehicles driving past the capitol are being struck with balloons filled with paint and green lasers being pointed at drivers. If (possible), avoid traveling (through) streets around the capitol mall. Anyone observing criminal behavior should immediately move to a safe location & call 911.”


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