As two hillbillies enjoy a secretive conversation about their illicit moonshine operation, an unexpected incident unfolds at a nearby table. A woman, in the midst of savoring her sandwich, suddenly succumbs to a severe coughing fit. Concerned glances from the surrounding guests reveal their worry for her well-being.

One of the hillbillies, sensing the urgency, directs his attention to the distressed woman. With genuine concern, he asks, “Can you swallow?” Unfortunately, she shakes her head in response, indicating her inability to do so. The situation quickly worsens as her complexion turns bluish, and she struggles to breathe.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, the hillbilly takes a bold step forward, bridging the gap between their tables. With a mix of confidence and tenderness, he expertly lifts her dress and swiftly drops her undergarments. In a surprising move, he applies a lick to her right buttock, drawing upon a peculiar remedy rooted in his hillbilly wisdom.

To everyone’s astonishment, the woman’s shock induces a powerful spasm that dislodges the obstruction in her airway. Relief washes over her as she regains her ability to breathe. The hillbilly calmly returns to his table amidst the uproar, having played an unexpected but effective role in saving the day.

His partner, equally amazed by the unconventional technique, joins in with a mix of amusement and surprise. “Well, I’d heard of the ‘Hind Lick Maneuver,’ but seeing it in action is truly something, isn’t it?”

Word of this extraordinary incident spreads throughout the region, becoming a story that will be told repeatedly. It serves as a testament to the resourcefulness of the human spirit and the unexpected ways in which ingenuity can overcome adversity.