Amy Halterman (Slaton) filed a protective order against her soon-to-be ex-husband Michael Halterman on Tuesday, February 28, less than a week after she called 911 on him for allegedly becoming “violent” during an altercation.

The application was amended on Wednesday, March 8, to allow the 40-year-old to have “supervised contact with children” — most likely referring to his 2-year-old son, Gage, and 8-month-old son, Glenn, whom he shares with Amy — as long as his mother and sister are there.

According to the 911 dispatch filing, Amy contacted 911 on Friday afternoon, February 24, saying that the father-of-two was “throwing stuff” and “being violent” during an altercation.

The dispute began because “Amy wants to split, but the man doesn’t want to,” according to the report. This also confirmed that neither Amy nor Michael was under the influence of alcohol or narcotics when the officer arrived at their Kentucky home.

Gage and Glenn were both present at the residence during the domestic conflict.

Michael officially filed for divorce 17 days later.

Amy and her two boys moved out after the event and lived in her Kentucky home with her older sister, Tammy, 36.

“No one in the family likes Michael,” a source revealed about the shocking breakup, adding that Amy’s brothers believe “he’s sluggish with the kids and jealous of the care Amy pays to the boys.”

Michael’s claimed lethargy as a father and spouse was highlighted on a recent episode of the hit TLC show after Amy was reduced to tears after being left to care for a cranky Gage and Glenn alone as Michael seemingly disregarded her and the kids at a family gathering.

“You’re not meant to be doing this s**t by yourself,” her half-sister told Amanda. “You’re married, and your husband is meant to be a father too.”