Amy Roloff became famous on the Little People, Big World, but since then things have changed in her family because she divorced her ex-husband and remarried Chris Marek.

Through the show ‘Little People, Big World’, Amy and her family were able to share their daily lives, but also to change the mentality of many people about dwarfism. Unfortunately, people who suffer from this medical condition are discriminated against and ridiculed by other people, although people who suffer from dwarfism can have a life as normal as others and should not be marginalized. Amy and her family tried to prove these things and I think they managed to do that.

Amy met Matt Roloff in 1987 when they were both attending an LPA conference. The two immediately felt a connection and continued to talk on the phone daily, she living in Michigan and Matt living in California. All these discussions turned into a long-distance relationship. The two met only a few times face to face before realizing that they fell in love. Matt proposed to her on a trip to Yosemite National Park.

Amy said the two were on the edge of a cliff, and Matt suddenly became agitated. Amy thought something was wrong and felt that Matt was going to tell her something serious, but she didn’t know what. When he proposed to her, Amy was very surprised and started to cry, but obviously the answer was YES.

Matt and Amy have 4 wonderful children together and together they bought their Oregon farm. During the filming, Amy showed that it is possible to take care of a family and work at the same time. She also did several activities at the school and founded the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation.

Amy has become a wonderful mother, a TV star and a wonderful wife. In 2016, Amy’s divorce followed. Matt and Amy have decided that they can no longer form a family together. Amy said that after the divorce, the production team pushed her to go out on dates and meet new men, but she felt that she was not ready yet. Also, an important decision of Amy was to sell her part of the farm and move. Not long after, Amy remarried and is happy with Chris Marek.

There was no love between Amy and Chris at first sight, but after a few dates they decided to give it a try. The two later married.

Chris Marek is the owner of Keller Williams real estate firm. Chris has also appeared on TV with Amy several times.

We hope that Amy and Chris will be very happy together and that they will be able to achieve a lot of things together.