Remember Prancer, the demonic 2-year-old Chihuahua who became popular after his foster mom submitted a brutally honest Facebook review about his gloomy personality traits?

There is good news. The dog affectionately referred to as a “haunted Victorian child in the body of a small dog that hates men and children” has finally found his forever home.

“When you’re having fun, time flies.” “Time flies when the Chihuahua who held your family hostage for 6 months finally finds a home,” the pup’s former foster mom, Tyfanee Fortuna, said on Facebook on Monday. “Prancer is almost a distant nightmare to me now, despite the fact that he was adopted only a week ago.”

“On a more serious note, I am still astounded by Prancer’s adoption bio’s reach. I never anticipated it to become as viral as it did, but I am grateful to everyone who shared his story, even if only for the laughs. I was going to be so embarrassed if I said all those unsavory things and it didn’t work out,” Fortuna added in her Facebook adoption announcement. “You can’t describe a dog as a 13-pound rage machine and then write a follow-up bio that says, ‘He’s a sweet boy who just needs time to warm up!’” So I can’t thank the internet enough for accepting him exactly as he is.”

“I saw Prancer on Facebook, and after reading the article, I felt a deep connection to the little man,” Davis explained to USA TODAY. “He’s just been a week, but he’s the sweetest little dude. He’s always been faithful and courteous to me. We take long walks together and have helped each other open up a little.”

Davis said Prancer’s infamous hate of men, children, and other pets isn’t a problem.

“As a single, older lesbian with no men in my life and no pets, I thought he might be the perfect match for me,” she explained.

Prancer was adopted by the Second Chance Pet Adoption League in Oak Ridge, New Jersey.

“We worked around the clock for days sifting through emails and applications, but finding someone who met Prancer’s particular list of qualifications was like finding a needle in a haystack,” Second Chance posted on Facebook. “But he knew exactly how he wanted to live, and we were determined to find him the best possible match, free of other dogs, cats, men, or children to stress him out.”

“With the help of his foster mom, we finally narrowed it down and set up a meeting with Ariel, who had no other pets, a female-only home, and was sincerely committed to doing whatever she had to do to give him the life he wants.”