At age 35, a famous make-up artist died of a brain tumor after tragically missing a common sign. The famous Romanian actress Anca Molnar died early Tuesday morning. Anca, an influencer, had been having serious headaches for a while, but her close friend Alina Radi said she didn’t pay much attention to them at first.

Her tens of thousands of followers were kept updated about her health on a regular basis.

She wrote this heartbreaking post for her fans not long before she died: “I came, I lived beautifully, and I left for another world.”

“I fought extremely hard.”

“I’m thankful for how wonderful my life was, and let my smile show that I lived it to the fullest.”

My name is Anca Molnar and I’ve gone home. But after that, I will always keep an eye on you!

“Do good things and look for me in the stars. Occasionally, I’ll wink at you!”

When The Sun wrote about it in March, a 38-year-old mother of two had died just months after having a “tingly feeling” on her wedding day.

Devon’s Michelle Noakes married the love of her life, Simon, in 2019, but she was having trouble sleeping because her hands and feet felt weird.

When Michelle’s symptoms got worse quickly, she went to see her doctor for help.

A few months later, she was told she had an aggressive brain tumor that could not be removed.

Within 19 months of being diagnosed, she died in June of that year, just before her 40th birthday.

In her honor, her family has since raised more than £7,000 for Brain Tumor Research.

Brain Tumour Research’s community development manager, Louise Aubrey, said, “We’re so thankful to Michelle’s family for all the love and support they’ve shown in her honor.”

“Only 12% of people diagnosed with a brain tumor survive beyond five years, compared to 54% of people with all cancers on average,” she said. “Yet, since records began in 2002, only 1% of the national budget for cancer research has been dedicated to this terrible disease.”

“This has to change.”