Each of us has experience as a child, so we are aware of how simple mistakes may be. We all make mistakes, but we also need to understand when to refuse.

Children are highly susceptible to being duped, especially by the kids they play with. Unfortunately, some of the “jokes” told by other kids can seriously harm us.

Tyler Broome, an 11-year-old boy, tried “the roundabout of death” and sustained serious injuries. This is a recent trend among kids on YouTube. Tyler tried this new fad without even stopping to consider it.

He didn’t believe he could get wounded, and his only goal was to demonstrate his new feat for the other kids. He was certain that his buddies would think he was daring and fearless after pulling off this action.

Unfortunately, Tyler suffered severe injuries as a result of the strong gravitational pull that he was subjected to.

The back wheel of a motorcycle is spun quickly around a playground roundabout as you remain in the center to perform the new YouTube craze. That sounds risky, don’t you think?

After attempting the new fad, Tyler was discovered. Everyone believed he suffered injuries to his brain and eyes while he was unconscious. While under the strictest supervision of experts, astronauts and pilots employ the same force that Tyler was exposed to.

Tyler was taken emergency medical care. Doctors claim that the boy’s brain has been flooded with fluid and blood. His vision was impacted by this.

How did Tyler come to pull off this prank? A bunch of adolescents approached him and his friend when they were in a park and challenged them to perform the trick. Sadly, Tyler took the opportunity to prove to them that he is a courageous youngster.

According to Tyler’s mother, who spoke to The Independent, she can no longer recognize Tyler and is worried that he will suffer a stroke. She said that her kid was unaware of the adolescent who issued the stunt-related challenge.

The mother also claimed that when Tyler came at the hospital, the doctors were astounded since they had never seen such injuries on a child and did not know what course of action to take. As a result, the doctors were forced to hunt up information on similar situations in order to know how to act to rescue Tyler.

Tyler was unable to see, his blood vessels were ruptured, and his skull was severely swelled. The child is now unable to recall anything.

Tyler’s health is fortunately stable right now, but he must stay in the hospital. Being curious and willing to try new things makes kids easier to trick, which is something that parents need to realize. Parents must therefore teach their kids to distinguish between risky and enjoyable circumstances.