In January 2016, Ontario, Canada, said goodbye to a brave young soul named Laura Hillier. At just thirteen years old, Laura was diagnosed with leukemia. Despite undergoing intense treatments and being declared cancer-free, the disease returned four years later, devastating her and her family.

Teenage girl dies of cancer – when her mom looks at her coffin, her heart is filled with warmth

Heartrendingly, Laura lost her battle to cancer. Her family, devastated by the loss, turned to social media to share the news on the Facebook page dedicated to Laura’s journey. They described her as a remarkable individual, highlighting her poise, courage, strength, and pure spirit.

Laura was truly loved by many. She touched the lives of everyone she encountered, and her friends wanted to show her just how much she meant to them. They covered her casket with heartfelt notes expressing gratitude, love, and sorrow over her passing.

Not only did Laura’s classmates and teachers contribute to the tribute, but her family, neighbors, and even hospital staff left messages on her casket. The outpouring of support overwhelmed Laura’s family when they saw their daughter’s final resting place.

Messages like, “You were musical. You were artistic. You were my bestest friend,” and “Very brave and strong. You will always be a hero,” adorned her casket. The church and people in attendance also paid tribute to Laura by wearing her favorite color, purple.

Though Laura’s time on this earth may have come to an end, the love and support from her local community will forever warm the hearts of those who knew her. May she rest in peace, knowing how deeply she was loved.

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