5th grade teacher gets help from internet to surprise students on Easter

Easter is a fun time for chocolates, candy, and all sorts of bunny and egg-themed treats. But not all families can afford to partake in the festivities.

That’s why Brent Walker, a math teacher who teaches fifth graders, wanted to give his students an Easter surprise.

Walker, who works at the Sheehy Elementary School of Tampa, Florida, took a trip to Walmart to pick up some plastic Easter eggs.

Originally, this was all he planned to get, and just for his homeroom class, which contains 20 students, so they could have a fun egg hunt.

But as he strolled through the aisles, something caught his eye – big Easter baskets, chock full of all sorts of candy, chocolates, and toys!

He wished he could afford to buy those for his students, especially because he knew that many of the families of these students wouldn’t be able to afford big festive gifts.

Walker decided to head onto Facebook and ask some of his friends if any of them would like to sponsor the Easter baskets for not just his homeroom of 20, but for all three of the classes he taught in the fifth grade, which added up to 63 kids.

As word spread throughout the community, plenty of people poured in donations to Walker’s kindhearted cause.

The next day, Walker, thrilled with the success of his sponsor requests, arrived early to set up the surprises in the classroom, with other teachers chipping in to help too.

When the students finally arrived and entered the classroom, their reactions were pure gold!

Watch the video to see just how happy they were!

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