Dog misses mom so he calls her at work leaving the internet dying with laughter

When you are having any type of medical problem, you can be thankful that the 911 operators are there to take any calls that could save your life. Sometimes, that call may come from an unexpected source and when it lands online, it could easily go viral. Five-year-old Savannah is somebody who made such a call to 911 because her father was having a difficulty breathing. They were in their Hancock County, Indiana home together and she decided to pick up and dial 911. She ended up talking to the 911 operator, Jason Bonham and the results are adorable.

Savannah was assured by Jason that everything was going to be fine and that help was on the way. She was passing the information along to her father but then she had some questions. She knew that people were going to be coming to the house so she wanted to make sure that she and her father were able to stay in their pajamas. After all, you have to be ready for guests.

Jason wants her to stay with her father but she has something else in mind. She wants to go change, not being able to handle the possibilities of having company while she is still in her pajamas. She then introduces the family dog to the 911 operator, saying that he is ‘friendly but barks a lot’.

You really have to listen to the conversation to appreciate what this little girl did on that day. Not only did she help save her father, she gave us all a big laugh.


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